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Industry relevant focus knowledge built into learning programs across domains that map to industry skill gaps, interact with domain experts from across industries through regular industry sessions and networking opportunities

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Each learner will work with an assigned career specialist to build out their personal and professional brand and provide assistance to participate in exclusive interviews and work for great organizations.

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Take The Next Step Toward Your Professional Goals With Smart Cliff!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. Familiarity with concepts of programming in any language is must.

Full stack engineers are high in demand This program will make you ready to apply for any jobs that industry requires AngularJS (the most popular frontend technology), ReactJS (which is the cutting-edge frontend technology used for most new projects), NodeJS programmers (the most popular backend web server).

This entrance exam will be a blend of aptitude, MCQ, and coding — which will test your technical skills. You should have basic knowledge of the below topics to clear this exam:

  • Logic reasoning

  • Critical thinking

  • Java Basics

  • Data Structures

  • OOPS Concepts

Java is popularly known to build applications and platforms for many devices. So any industry that uses software applications can use Java. Apart from Information Technology, banking and finance, eCommerce, stock market agencies, and telecommunications are the top industries using Java. This full stack developer training will help you expand your array of skills and learn to apply Java in any of these sectors.

The application process consists of three simple steps. An offer of admission will be made to the selected candidates and accepted by the candidates upon payment of the admission fee.

Step 1: Submit an application which contains basic information.

Step 2: After we receive your application, we will provide you with a link to take an exam on the HackerEarthor SHL assessment platform.

Step 3: Based on your performance in the test our admissions team will reach out to you with details about the program.

Yes this program is hands on. Both the training material and instructor led material will require you to pseudo code and practice the concepts. There will be lot of assignments and practical to enable you to simulate in real work life environment.

Full time batch is highly intensive training with 4 hrs of live instructor led sessions and 4 hrs of assignments and practical.

  • Full Stack Developer

  • Front / Back-end Developer

  • Web Developer

  • Web Design